Mat ¨GreenIndia¨

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Our best efforts to care for the planet transformed into a yoga mat. Sustainability, versatility and a trusty travel partner. Light and slip-resistant.


A slip-resistant , environmentally friendly mat that is comfortable and truly light. Thanks to its composition and thickness, GreenIndia allows you to take it wherever you like and practise in the heart of nature. Place your feet on the ground and feel its pleasant touch that enables a full connection between your body, soul and surroundings.


Sustainability and our desire to care for the environment are two traits that define us as a brand. All our products have been produced sustainably, and our efforts to create a healthier, purer world are reflected in this yoga mat.

Manufactured with natural polyurethane rubber, it is the result of an intense search for more sustainable mats. This material is derived from plant oils that come from elements such as soya beans, castor oil plants, cottonseeds and neem trees.

Renewable sources that allow this slip-resistant yoga mat to reach you in a clean way and without depleting Earth’s resources.

GreenIndia is made to last and accompany you during many yoga sessions.

However, once its service life comes to an end, it will break down in one to five years. In this way, it doesn’t contribute to the generation of mass waste and the destruction of the environment.


Its designs will help you to keep your body perfectly aligned, contributing to the prevention of injuries. What’s more, the fact that it is highly slip-resistant and adherent means that it is even more suitable for those intense sessions that involve difficult asanas.


Easy to clean for the longest possible service life.


Dimensions: 183 cm x 61 cm x 0.2 cm
Weight: 1.8 kg
Material: Polyurethane and natural rubber on the bottom



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